New Members

Thank you for attending our trial session. Below, find information about our sign up process. 


1st step – register with British Gymnastics – This is essential and we are unable to admit gymnasts into the gym without up to date membership to BG. It also works as an insurance policy as well as giving you a range of perks and benefits. Click here to register 


Fee payments – Invoice for the term fees with all details on payment can be found here - - these are payable via the bank account on the invoice or via card payment that can be taken on the next session that you attend. Do let me know the way you wish to / have paid so we can mark it down. Please minus 1 session off the amount as that was for his trial session. 


Netherhall gymnastics Newsletter – Please sign up to our newsletter to get all information on the club as well as updates on sessions -


Lastly, do familiarise yourself with all information on the club via our club documents section. - This includes our welcome pack and code of conduct. These don’t need to be printed off, but it’s essential to read over the documents to understand how we operate and what we expect of gymnasts at the club. Please take note of our code of conduct particularly. 


Important information 

  • Children are expected to come to sessions in suitable clothing for doing sport in. Zipped tops and hoodies must be removed before going on equipment. Leggings, tshirts, leotards or clothing that your child does PE is acceptable. 

  • They should bring a water bottle with them to stay hydrated throughout their session.

  • Long hair should be tied back and children should come with hairbands to tie their hair back. 

  • Jewellery is not permitted to be worn (earrings, necklaces, piercings) unless it is for religious reasons. 

  • Due to safeguarding and GDPR regulations, parents are unable to stay and watch sessions or be inside the gym during or before sessions. Please wait outside for your child to be welcomed into the club or to be dismissed back to you at the end of sessions. 

Thank you for choosing our club!